Resource Development for EAL students


Making learning accessible. Beanstalk Innovation is involved with the creation of learning resources which enable EAL students better access to important information in relation to working within the Food Manufacturing Industry. We do this through the development of games and activities which also support the development of their English skills.

Supporting Entrepreneurship in the Food Industry


Beanstalk Innovation is in a unique position to be able to provide support to individuals who would like to develop a business idea within the food industry. Through the model factories we provide: access to food grade facilities to conduct Research and Development access to training in food manufacturing. This course covers Workplace Safety, Food [...]

Connecting Stakeholders in the Food Industry


Beanstalk Innovation operates as a conduit for connecting Food Manufacturing Businesses with prospective employees and appropriate training. We liaise with Government Agencies and Organisations in order to maximise connections that achieve best outcomes for re-engagement and possible employment for the long-term unemployed.