Adam Hazell

Adam Hazell brings to Beanstalk Innovation a demonstrated passion for assisting people to change their lives through focused training programs.
“I have a passion for helping change people’s lives through training programs that deliver quality results”
With a solid background in developing business and managing clients within the vocational education sector Adam is solution focused and provides high level stakeholder management. He works closely with clients and remains the point of contact when managing training projects. From identifying needs, to providing training solutions, to soliciting regular feedback ensuring the trainers are meeting expectations right through to assisting with any other VET needs.

Adam’s vision for Beanstalk Innovation is to be able to maximize the benefit for Regional businesses by working with them as a partner in supporting the training of potential employees to gain a nationally recognized qualification.Significant benefits to employers are increased employee engagement, increased competency, which has a positive effect on the culture of an organisation and therefore a reduction in employee turnover.

With exposure to poultry, meat and food processing, seafood industry and pre-employment training programs, Adam can cater a flexible sustainable training solution to your employment needs. To hear more about how Adam can cater to your training needs please contact him.

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