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Growing ideas in the food industry

What we do

Beanstalk Innovation(BI) is a not-for-profit company that has been established to support and train disengaged and long-term unemployed individuals in the food manufacturing industry.

BI does this by:

  • re-engaging disengaged and long-term unemployed people with their education and learning by offering programs that appeal to their needs and interests in a safe and consistent environment where those individuals can feel supported and validated
  • providing relevant skills and training in the food manufacturing industry to assist disengaged and long-term unemployed people to gain employment and, in doing so, to build capacity and long-term sustainability in their communities
  • ensuring the programs include attention to literacy, numeracy, life skills, work and employability skills
  • providing career guidance and capacity building, and establishing links to support services.

Part of Beanstalk Innovation’s role is to develop partnerships with educational and social stakeholders to inspire growth in regional communities, and to create engaging, interesting and positive learning outcomes students deserve.
Beanstalk Innovation is investing in addressing issues of unemployment and social disadvantage by supporting students through a training program that will enable them to satisfy skills shortages being experienced in regional Victoria.


I really enjoyed learning through Beanstalk Innovation. They made sure that we understood the content of the course and tailored it to the workplace where we had obtained employment. I loved that they tried to make the learning relevant and fun.

— Sawabee Bell – Student of Beanstalk Innovation

Beanstalk Innovation is an organisation with a fabulous idea. They provided wonderful support to our clients in order to prepare them with basic skills and knowledge to take into their workplaces. It was lovely to see our clients so excited to be given the opportunity to prepare for full-time ongoing positions within our regional food manufacturing businesses. Thanks for your continued support of our program.

— Matt Farrow – Jobs Victoria Employment Network

What a delight to work with an organisation that exhibits care and respect for the people that have been entrusted to our care. Beanstalk Innovation dealt with our clients ethically and professionally whilst providing them with encouragement and support going forward into their new job roles.

— Gengiz Soyturk – Manager WCIG/west@work

Our Partners